Let me help you – I promise an empire of Hussies and Aristocrats.

Is it just me or is everyone disorganized? Is it just me or can no one keep their word?  All I hear are goals and aspirations being spoken and preached but seated and put to bed in a house of dismay.  Everyone wants this and makes steps towards that, but how can one do such if your house of cards rest on water?   Let me help you. I cannot continue to watch you walk to the podium wearing that prestigious white hat while dragging tacks and nails on your train. Her dress is tattered and his suit has holes.


Let me help you, let me step in and stand next to you. I have a gift for organizing – I can mobilize. I bring the angry and unwanted together. Aristocrats drink tea with hussies and the heartless find solace in the heart-filled. Why freeze the water while we can take the Aces and build a hull. Use the Queens as our symbol, the Kings as the sails, and the Jacks as the ores. Numbers will form an impenetrable mathematical equation.  Diamonds, Clubs, Spades and Hearts will be the envy of the epoch.


Is it just me or am I the only one who wants to be organized? I like a scheduled schedule. There is always time to pencil down a thought, flesh out an issue. Let’s explain what we mean, let’s involve what we please.  I tire of watching you fail, I bore at your mediocrity. Let me help you, let me help you please. I promise to build you a castle, an army of anti-fatigue.  But this I warn! I will tell you the truth; I will seek your primordial thoughts, gather your fears and silver platter it – taste, savor, and masticate. You and all will drink my tea. You will begin to see what I see. See the love in the schedule; see the power of a system. But this I warn! But this I warn – I am Bismarck and you are Wilhelm II… but in this history book, I am not dismissed.


It’s Not Easy Being Green

I am either too nice or too mean.  I am either too forgiving or too heartless. Is there no middle ground? Is there a space that inhabits both a heart and blackness? I have forgiven many for acts and words that no person should forgive. I have not taken your words as your character nor your actions as your essence. But now – you have pushed me to the edge and for that I showed you true Defiance!

Here lays the problem with being too forgiving or too mean; who are we being forgiving for? Are we being forgiving for ourselves, for the person who offended us, or for our many onlookers? How does one balance such an acrobatic parlor trick?

My heart feels for you, I truly do. But sometimes one must place people in the same position they place others. Words must be coupled with action for eyes to open. I adore you but the time has come.