I fell down the stairs: I’m just Tired

Normal people just say “I’m Tired,” but for a writer it is never that simple. Those words would never describe inside. A mind filled with commas, spaces, poetic pauses, and multiple literally elements is far too convoluted and filled to use common words.

This is me saying I’m tired. This is me saying I want to take a nap. Talk about dramatic!

~I took a step and thought it was firm. The bottom of the staircase bruised and beaten I look up for help. Raise my hands, grab the edge, and yell.

Today is still a good day, I remind myself. Just a little blood, a twisted ankle, and wrangled back – my watch still works. It’s 5:00 o’clock, the entire night is ahead. I have people to call, words to look up, day dreams to scribble down, I got to get up. But it feels good to lay down for once. The blood is warm. My foot looks like a puppet’s, without its master. ~

5 thoughts on “I fell down the stairs: I’m just Tired

  1. Amazing! This is truly a masterpiece. You’ve captured, literally or figuratively, the depths that all of us have felt, at one time or another, in our lives. Thank you, my blogging buddy! Much love and naked hugs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you, your agreeance clarifies my sanity, even though sanity is considerably overrated. I am truly humbled and excited you enjoyed this piece. How one experiences (phsyically or mentally) pain or joy is tremendously different – this post is only but a small window. Naked hugs right back at ya!

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