From Glory to Rags: L.A. Days.

I went from King of an island to street rat of the sunny coast; from sleeping on incandescent diamonds to laying sleepless on pyrite. The days have become painstakingly long. The sun burns my shoulders and phone calls/text messages are a constant reminder of what I left behind. Chasing a dream. Finding myself. An adventure. I arrived on the golden coast and met lies, conversed with memories, ate with loneliness, and slept with sex. The color green slowly transforms into red. All that I was became all that I feared I never wanted to be. I am a loner. I explore this new world all by myself: I buss alone, I eat alone, I wander alone – I am alone.

I am living with my cousin. Sounds amazing… but what if I told you we just met? What if I told you I just found out he existed? I met him for the first time when I moved in – I introduced myself as I unpacked.


Two dreams in a box.


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