The Oracle Has Spoken

I sat one day in front of the computer uncomfortable as ever. I was upset, disturbed, and irritated. The worst part about this experience was I did not know why. All I knew was I wanted to scream. My spirit was in turmoil and from past events I have learned you Never ignore an unsettled spirit. So as writers do, I opened a word document. With no effort at all my fingers preordained for this moment typed as my eyes and mind watched in wonderment. I felt like a modern day oracle of Delphi. This is what I prophesied…

– It was the dawn of time when you said you loved me. But as the fish walked the first walk of life you fled. You grabbed the four-legged creature and left me gasping for air. I was the mer-creature left in a swamp of murk. That night the sea grew cold, deep, and unknown. My scales lost its luster and my gills filled with hate. Eyes peering just over the water-esk horizon I saw you leap into the air on its back. Bound not by green but held by blue.

Every crevice became my shelter, eyes no longer needed, sun unseen. Colder and colder I retreated, deeper and deeper I wandered. The sea was my jar of tears. I could not understand why I could not fly, where was my four-legged creature? I could not understand. I swam faster than any sea horse. I could dodge a shiver of megalodons. The pearls I harbored in my pouch caused volcanoes to heel. I am a masterpiece. The children we would rear would bear the name Triton. A dynasty of esteem. –

I am not sure when the rest of the prophesy will come. I know there is more because I can feel it. But I’ll let you know this – as soon as my spirit starts to roll I shall swiftly start to write. But who knows, the spirit does as it pleases. I’ll probably end up with an entirely new and unrelated foretelling.


9 thoughts on “The Oracle Has Spoken

  1. Spellbound!

    With such eloquence and depth, where does one begin to comment? All I can do now is come back for more. With more foretelling, perhaps then this tied tongue will unglue and then speak from the depths you have sown.

  2. Excellent job, my new friend! Great work! Where does the adventure lead us? Please, show us the way! You have the passion and the mind to unravel mysteries! I am enjoying and appreciating the words you share! Much love and naked hugs!

  3. Her eyes widened substantially at my sudden politeness.
    You’re allowed to celebrate a job promotion, a marriage, or the birth of a child,
    but it’s supposed to be done with class and style. She read
    the note and then heard heard sirens outside.

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