The Love of Letting Go

I am not sure where my life is headed. I have so many passions and would love to fulfill them all at once.  I want to do so much! This world is full of amazing “things.” I want to act, I want to dance, I want to sing, I want to write, I want to speak – I love to entertain.  I enjoy these things because when I am in front of people something inside me changes, I become another person. And at those moments, it is no longer about me but about my audience. I love to see the expressions on their faces change; the transformation and build up of emotions. I can feel them wanting more. I want to give them more.  My body surges with excitement as we, audience and I, create magic. We bond. A communication between us begins to form. Ohh and when I dance! There is no greater remedy I know.  The body moves to a beat, a rhythm— a ballad between body and sound.  I cannot control myself. With each move there is a release of energy.  People flock to me when my hips begin to sway and my head begins to bob. They dance with me; enter my world as I enter theirs. 

One of my favoritest dancing experiences are when individuals who do not like to dance, “cannot dance”, or are embarrassed find themselves dancing with me.  They let go of their fears. Who cares what people think.  Who are they to say you cannot dance? Your dance moves are of your own, it is your story.  Release, breath, let go, and move! The pleasure that comes across their faces, the love of letting go – one of the greatest things I know.


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