Let Your Spirit Dance

Ever meet someone where you immediately feel connected to them? There is something that just speaks to your soul. You are drawn to them in a way that you cannot put into words and when you do, it does not capture the true essence. When you see them your eyes sparkle and ughgh because everyone can see the fireworks spurting from your irises? You cannot hide such raw emotion. You body does not listen to the mind at this point because the spirit is pure universal energy.  I have met this person and known him for some time now. When I see him my spirit soars. It truly does, I am not lying. My stomach starts to spin and believe me it is not butterflies because butterflies do not radiate throughout your entire body. The diameter of the veins is way too small!

When we speak it is not us but our spirits. They flirt. They dance whimsically above us to a tune my consciousness has no comprehension of. His look goes past my eyes and into a space that I myself have not fully explored. What is this madness I ask myself, I cannot deal. His presence is so alluring – it’s an addiction!

We as living organisms are so complex and can spend an entire lifetime analyzing our mind and body. What about our spirits? We know it is there, we can feel it, but do you listen – more importantly do you allow it to dance? Pure universal energy. The spirit is connected to everything that surrounds us. It can speak (which it is not speech at all but more) to the trees and other organisms. Some may laugh at this concept, but explain that deep feeling you get when you see someone after a long time or arrive home and embrace your pet? This is more than emotion. It is energy looming within a temporary cavity. Do not take this feeling for granted – shut it out not! Allow it to fill your body, explore this “emotion.” Begin to describe it. Take note of when, what, or who makes your spirit loom. As for my friend and I, I seek to find out if our spirits met during a time where my body did not exist or thrilled to know an exciting friend.



Thank you annawrites.com for the picture.


4 thoughts on “Let Your Spirit Dance

  1. I truly believe in soul family members, people that we have known on multiple dimensions. We are truly complex, out of all the people we come across in life, it is amazing to meet these soul connections. I am so grateful for all the people who have come in and out of my life to make me the person I am today…..in this exact moment of a dimension. 🙂

    • Soul family members! What an interesting concept, I never heard of this. Tonight will consists of immense research, haha. This is such a lovely thought. Imagine the emotions of having your entire soul family in one room?

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